Adlabs Films Ltd Contact Number
15.07.2013 | Author:

Adlabs Films is one of the India’s best and largest entertainment providers. Besides, this is the company which has introduced the idea of multiplexes. The credit of enhancing the 16mm film to the 25mm goes to this firm. This company had received the best retailer award in the world of entertainment in the year 2007. Moreover, this is the only firm which had acquired a great fame and reputation throughout the world within no time after its launch. This popular company is also a stake-holder in the Basu’s Siddhartha synergy communications. It is the first company which had launched the IMAX theatre in India.

Adlabs Films Ltd Contact Number :
Phone Number: (033) 23675374

Adlabs Films Ltd Contact Address :
Location Details:
Sector 5, Block Aq ,
Plot No 12, Salt Lake City,
Sech Bhawan, Kolkata – 700091

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