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upscThe Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is UPSC is a central agency in India that conducts various gazetted vacancies. This is the top-most organization authorized to recruit numbers of Class A and Class B government services in the country. These exams include Civil Services Exam, Engineering Services Exam, Combined Defence Services Exam, National Defence Academy Exam, Naval Academy Exam, and Combined Medical Service Exam, etc. Thus, the organization is the leading central organization which conducts India’s top level public services exams.

The constitution of India grants this agency a charter under Article 315 and Article 323 of Part XIV, titled Services under the Union and the States to have a sperate Public Service Commission for the Union and each state respectively.

UPSC was established in the year 1926. It is located in the Dholpur House, New Delhi. It serves its services to all over India. Its group of members include Chairman and ten adjoining memberswhich are appointed by the President of India. Its members are very experienced people, most of members are from civil services (working or retired) which has an experience of minimum 8-10 years. Its members are appointed forcertain time period, thus, hold an office for the six year term or till the age of sixty, whichever come earlier. It is one of few institutions in India which works independently along with the country higher judiciary.

It has also a well-made amazing website for the govt. services aspirants. On its website, it offers all the information related to its services as well about the leading organization. Its website has almost all the information related to UPSC services like Citizen Charter, recruitment, examinations, previous years questions papers, RTI related matters, promotions/deputations, vacancy circular, results, and lots more. It provides all these information with the help of various well written contents and through the various categorized informative options. Each time you click on its informative option, you would see, a fresh new page opens which gives you information about the particular selective option. Thus, the website is well-designed offers all the information related to UPSC services, so, now, you don’t need to go anywhere for any of information related to its services, you can simply go on its website.

UPSC also has helpline numbers where you can call anytime at working hour. Each time you call on its numbers, your call will be attended by its representative and he/she would certainly solve your query within a few second. But, still you face any problem then can reach to its head office. So, for any of query, you can directly call on its helpline numbers.

Thus, the UPSC recruits group A and B posts in various ministries and departments.

For more information, contact to its following address:
Head Office Address:
Dholpur House Shahjahan Rd Pandara Rd
New Delhi: 110003
Delhi,India .
Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Phone Number:(11) 23098591 23385271
Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Website: www.upsc.gov.in

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