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Jaipur Calgary EyeIt is a Charitable Eye Hospital & Research Centre Trust. It was established on 15th April 1982. The main aim of this hospital is to provide all kinds of ophthalmological facilities to the poor and the needy. The hospital came into existence due to the goodwill gesture showered by Mayor of Calgary who visited Jaipur in 1978.

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Phone Number: 0141-2521384,25209991,2521839

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PHONE: 0141-2521384,25209991,2521839

The foundation stone of the hospital was laid in 1984 but the modern form of the building came into existence on 15 August, 1986. The equipping and construction of hospital was majorly done by Operation Eyesight Universal. It has also got immense support from Rajasthan Government and various Social organizations like Lions club, Chambers of Commerce, other Trusts and individual donors from Rajasthan, Assam, Karnataka, Maharashtra, West Bengal etc.

The hospital offers all kinds ophthalmological services like Cataract Operation, Computerized Refraction, Dacryocystarhinostomy, (DCR), Dacryocystitis (DCT), Glaucoma Operation, Vitrectomy Surgery, IOL implant, and Kertoplasty. Added to all these it also provide OPD services, the facility of computerized refraction. This hospital is a perfect example of brotherhood between the people of Jaipur and Calgary. It has established a Vitreo Retinal Unit, a Cornea Clinic and recently a Glaucoma clinic. The hospital is also equipped with all facilities of a modern operation theatre.


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