Priya Multi Speciality Hospital

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Priya Multi Specialty Hospital offers nearly all the medical help or services for people. Some important sections of the hospital are Cardiology, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Endocrinology, Dermatology, Paediatrics and Neurology. The hospital is featured with all modern and basic amenities which include fully Automated Biochemistry Lab with services like Dade Dimension RXL , RXL MAX & Ion Selective Electrolyte Analyzers for Estimation of Sodium, Potassium, Lithium & Calcium. Other important medical machines of the hospital are Hormone / Virology / Tumour Marker Analyser , Blood Gas Analyser etc. It is an expertise surgery hospital that provides different surgeries like Neuro Surgery, Surgical Gastroenterology, Cardiac Surgery, Oral, Spinal Surgery, Genito Urinary Surgery, and Plastic, Cosmetic & Micro vascular Surgery etc. This hospital accepts payments in cash only. You do not pay your bills through debit or credit cards. All the services by the hospital are always active. Emergency and critical patients are taken care at urgent level.

Priya Multi Speciality Hospital Contact Number: 085- 54239777, 09445054963

Priya Multi Speciality Hospital Contact Address Details:
Door No 12-2-991-992-,
Room #100 First Floor
Sai Nagar Priya Hospital Ground Floor
Andhra Pradesh,515001

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