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IPHAIndian Public Health Association was made in 1936 by the late Dr. R. B. Lal, the then Director of the All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Calcutta to organise a public health association on an all India Basis and started a society under the name. The Public Health Society of Calcutta, with the active collaboration of the Sister Institute at Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine. The mission of Indian Public Health Association is to protect and promote the health of the people of India by facilitating the exchange of information, experience, and research, and advocating for policies, programs and practices that improve public health.

IPHA Official Website : http://www.iphaonline.org/

IPHA Contact Number :
Phone Number :
(Head Quarters Office) : +91 33 2257 3373
(IPHA Bhaban) : +91 33 2367 1133

IPHA Contact Details :
110, Chittranjan Avenue,
Kolkata – 700073,
West Bengal, India
(Head Quarters Office) : +91 33 2257 3373
(IPHA Bhaban) : +91 33 2367 1133
Email id: office@iphaonline.org (All purposes except journal)
ijph@iphaonline.org (Journal purpose only)
secgen@iphaonline.org (To reach Secretary General, IPHA)

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