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  • Overnite Express Customer Care Number View

    27.04.2015 |

    Check out the Overnite Express Customer Care Number which ensures to sort it out your problems and change your tension mood to smiley face. Some of the Overnite Express Service Centre have all the repairing parts if you product is out of warranty or you are not having warranty card and invoice details then you have to pay for all the component replacement as well as service Charge. If you are looking for Overnite Express Helpline Number in any places in india then you get a long list and it is upto you to whom you want to give your valuable product for servicing.


    Overnite Express Customer Care Number View

    22.03.2013 |

    Overnite Express LimitedOvernite Courier Express is an old courier service provider of India. The company came in to existence in the year of 1987. The arrival of Overnite Express was much needed and even awaited because there was a very much need of courier service in India. With the establishment of Overnite Express Courier, numerous of people had benefited from it in India. The occurrence of Overnite courier brought a hint of spanking new space for customers who were in need for an immediate, consistent and well-organized courier service provider. This courier service has completely understood the requirement of the clients and provides prompt custom-made services to them. On dot courier company had started its functioning with 1 office in each of the 4 metropolis of the country – Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. The dedication and hard work created he preferred results and overnight courier has become a successful sector in some years only.

    Overnite Express Phone Number : (11) 23510131
    Overnite Express Head Office Contact Address
    11099-C, Overnite House,
    East Park Road,
    Karol Bagh, Delhi – 110005
    Overnite Express Official Website : http://www.overnitenet.com

    Overnite courier has attained lot of achievements and earned massive reputation in the industry. There are more than 2,800 expediently located offices of the company. All the branch offices are serving over 6,000 Pin- codes which are extended up to 1,000 destinations all crossways India. With the network of 19 regional centers, 49 area offices and 45 small hubs, overnite courier is providing best of the serices24x7. The customers at Overnite courier get the main concern. New-fangled and nice schemes are commenced from time to time by the company. Overnite courier not only offering its non-stop services in all the parts of India but also it has direct interrupted connectivity with Nepal and Bhutan. http://www.overnitenet.com is the bureaucrat website of the company through customers can know more relevant info about the courier company.

    Overnite Express Customer Service Locations Contact Details

    Phone No. 079 – 25621895
    Email ID oel@amd.overnite-mail.com
    Fax Number 079 – 25623511

    Phone No. 080 – 22133271
    Email ID oel@blr.overnite-mail.com
    Fax Number 080 – 22133275

    Phone No. 0265 – 2354585
    Email ID oel@bdq.overnite-mail.com
    Fax Number 0265 – 2341838

    Phone No. 0755 – 3917500
    Email ID oel@bpl.overnite-mail.com
    Fax Number 0755 – 2558610

    Phone No. 0172 – 3071309
    Email ID oel@chd.overnite-mail.com
    Fax Number 0172 – 2632972

    Phone No. 044 – 24331609
    Email ID oel@che.overnite-mail.com
    Fax Number 044 – 24331098

    Phone No. 0422 – 2319014
    Email ID oel@cjb.overnite-mail.com
    0422 – 3093233

    Phone No. 0120 – 2855607
    Email ID oel@gzb.overnite-mail.com
    Fax Number 0120 – 2855562

    Phone No. 0361 – 2207081
    Fax Number 0361 – 2207084

    Phone No. 040 – 27846141
    Email ID oel@hyd.overnite-mail.com
    Fax Number 040 – 30934414

    0141 – 4011061
    Fax Number 0141 – 2376430

    Phone No. 0484 – 2396918

    Phone No. 033 – 22870819, 22901039
    Email ID oel@kol.overnite-mail.com
    Fax Number 033 – 22877119

    Phone No. 0522 – 3211708
    Email ID oel@lkw.overnite-mail.com
    Fax Number 0522 – 2637589

    Phone No. 0161 – 4624881, 3007770, 3007771
    Email ID oel@ldh.overnite-mail.com

    Phone No.022 – 26853101
    Email ID oel@mum.overnite-mail.com
    Fax Number022 – 26852581

    Phone No. 0712 – 3021256
    Email ID oel@nag.overnite-mail.com
    Fax Number 0712 – 3297006

    Phone No. 011 – 26782222
    Email ID oel@del.overnite-mail.com
    Fax Number 011 – 26782470

    Phone No. 0612 – 3095600
    Email ID oel@pat.overnite-mail.com

    Phone No. 020 – 32416639, 32416641, 32416642
    Email ID oel@pnq.overnite-mail.com
    Fax Number 020 – 26330712


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