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Datanet Systems Ltd

Datanet systems Ltd since inception in 1995 is committed to product innovation. For Datanet R&D based state of art product design and development has been a determined passion. It specializes in the design and development of workflow/BPM software, multi-application smart cards, and smart card based ATMs and banking application. Datanet products are installed in more 8000 sites and are distributed all across India and the company based in Bengaluru, India. The company is presently achieving […]

Datamatics Contact Number

Datamatics global services established in 1987 under chairmanship of Mr. Lalit S Kanodia. The company is a public-listed BPO company and is premier provider of end-to-end BPO and IT solutions spanning consulting, technology architecture and business process management. Datamatics Global Services also builds customized solutions for industry verticals like banking and finance, insurance, manufacturing, online retail, charitable organizations and many others. Based in Mumbai, Datamatics Group has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad […]

Danlaw Technologies India Ltd

Danlaw Technology was established by two technocrats Mr. Raju S Dandu and Mr. Lloyd R Lawrence, in Michigan in 1984. Danlaw Technologies India Limited was found by Mr. Raju S Dandu and his associates in 1992. This public limited company is the center for offshore technology and product development and presently is engaged in four IT and engineering activities i.e. research and development, engineering and industrial automation, information technology and intelligent security. Core strength of […]

Cybertech Systems & Software Ltd

Cybertech Systems & Software Ltd works as one of the biggest industrial firm in this industry. Founded in the year 1995, the firm is now considered as one of the most dominant company in this field as it is having a big market share in this industry. The company is great revenues through some amazing marketing strategies and the total revenue for the company in last financial year grossed around $5.04739 million. The company runs […]

Cyberscape Multimedia Ltd

Cyberscape Multimedia Ltd is one of the most reputed firms in the Information Technology. Established in the year, the Company is now leading the market by having a big part of market share on its name. The company is gaining great profit from its great amount of experience and there is no doubt that it is one of the highest growing firms in the country. With a huge base of satisfied customers, it is worth […]

Cybermate Infotek Ltd

Cybermate Infotek Ltd is a global brand in the industry with many achievements in its share. Ever since the establishment of the company it has made a great impact on the market and emerged as one of the top contributor in the market share with rapid growth and extremely useful techniques. The futuristic approach of the company top management and the dedication towards the quality of services has led the company to the success it […]

CSC India Contact Number

CSC is an industry giant that works as a prestigious brand in the industry and is achieving a great popularity with the excellent services it is offering to a wide range of customers. Established in year 1959, the company has good amount of experience in its arsenal. The company is really making some great progress in the industry as setting up new milestones for others to chase. The level of customer satisfaction defines new trends […]

Crystal Software Solutions Ltd

Crystal Software Solutions Ltd is making big waves in the industry and is claiming the title of industry leader with the extreme popularity of its services and the top-notch products following the global standards. The company has formed various alliances in order to provide better solutions in communication and computing and has also been actively involved in design and development of products based on High Power Broad band Wireless, Satellite Communication and Broad band access […]

Crest Animation Studios Ltd

Crest Animation Studios Ltd is one of the biggest ventures in the industry that are active today in the country. Working as a giant in the industry since its establishment in year 1990, the firm believes in new marketing techniques to best suit the market structure and the needs of every customer. The brilliancy and research work is clearly indicated by the success of the company in terms of annual revenue which netted $2.78485 million […]

Cressanda Solutions Ltd

Cressanda Solutions Ltd is well known name for the market approach it uses and the incredible marketing campaigns of it. The company is surely earning great revenues and providing great amount of benefits to its customers. In recent years, the company has grown bigger from an average industry firm to a giant in the market and with the amazing quality of services; the success didn’t surprise the industry experts. With a large pool of loyal […]

Cranes Software International Ltd

Cranes Software International Ltd is a multinational company working in a many parts of the world with offices located in different regions. The company was established in the year 1985 and is managed by the experts like Ajay Singh, Asif Khader, B Parasuram, Manju Bansal. At present the company if offering different types of services in the Enterprise Statistical Analytics and is making new changes in the market strategies as per the customer requirements and […]

Covansys India Pvt Ltd

The COVANSYS is one of the dominant leaders in the industry today and is setting the trends for the fellow companies to follow. The success of the company is remarkable with such great innovative ideas and the brave marketing strategies. Trading in various kinds of investment and industrial services, the company performs a big measure of market analysis to design the services and products in order to make the services as much suitable as possible […]

Contech Software Ltd

Contech Software Ltd is offering services in this industry from a long time and over the years it has gathered many achievements to boast about. Ever since the foundation of company in year 1997, it has worked under a futuristic management with big goals to achieve and after looking at their revenue record of last financial year which grossed $7.92 million, we can surely say that they have achieved many of those goals. The company […]

Concurrent India Infrastructure Ltd

Concurrent (India) Infrastructure Ltd is providing services in this industry from a long time and it is the commitment of the company for customer satisfaction and the quality of services that has brought the company so far in terms of market share. From the point of view of a customer and investor, the Concurrent (India) Infrastructure Ltd is one of the most reputed brand names in country and the services are always meeting with the […]

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