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Month: July 2018

Gold Field Hospital Faridabad

Gold Field Hospital is a massive hospital headquartered in Faridabad city of India. The centre is a well known specialist in multi-specialty centre. Thousands of patients from all over the region take the reliable services of this hospital all round the clock. The health centre not only provides medical and surgical aid to upper section of the society but it is also treating middle class and lower class people with the same process within affordable […]

AIMS Faridabad

Asian Institute of Medical Sciences is a highly reputed health care centre of Faridabad city. The huge project was the clear dream of prominent surgeon, Dr. Narendra Kumar Pandey. The hospital is dedicated for minimal access surgery. It is a massive unit which accommodates around 350 beds with all latest and modern technologies included in it. One can take first class and best cared services from Life Spring Hospital, Hyderabad within economical prices. The health […]

Kalyani Hospital Gurgaon Contact Number

Kalyani Hospital is the well known hospital of Gurgaon city. It is one of the super specialties amongst other various hospitals in the region. It serves excellent medical and surgical services to plentiful of patients from all adjacent regions with best of safety and easing measures. Kalyani Hospital is a reliable partner of Escorts Heart Institute from the year 2002. It accommodates 100 beds in its campus with latest techniques for patients. There is a […]

Aarvy Hospital

This hospital is known for most advanced gynecological services for best care of mother and new born baby. Dr. Renu Yadav is the senior most gynecologist of the hospital. It is one of the renowned multi-specialty hospitals of the state with all updated methods. One can take the excellent medical services of the hospital all round the clock within affordable prices as well. The expertise team of doctors and their supporting staff of Aarvy Hospital […]

Swastik Hospital Gurgaon

Swastik Hospital is the exceptional health care unit for public in Gurgaon city. It is known for its modern and grand facilities and medical management amongst thousands of patients in the region. The hospital is ISO 9001:2000 specialized and known for its high standards and world class facilities. It is the also identified as super specialty eye care centre and is a perfect place to attain all most recent eye treatments. Highly experienced doctors, technicians, […]

Paras Hospital Contact Number

Paras Hospital is the renowned hospital of Gurgaon city of Haryana. The health centre was set up with a clear dream of creating a first rate health care unit for people here. One can find number of contented services and facilities of Paras Hospital. This hospital is full of a range of amenities and facilities for numerous of patients. The whole ambience and infrastructure of Paras Hospital is quite pleasing for eyes of numerous of […]

Mayom Hospital Gurgaon Contact Number

Mayom Hospital is centrally air-conditioned hospital of Gurgaon city. The hospital is extended all over 1.26 acres of land and the total built up area of the hospital is 70000 Sq. ft. It is a centrally air-conditioner hospital with all latest and modern methods. ICU & neonatal care unit are included in it. Approximately 6 current operation theaters are offered with most advanced diagnostic services and 24×7 pharmacy, ambulance and emergency services. Since its inception […]

Dhir Hospital Bhiwani

Dhir Hospital is one of the well known health care centers of Bhiwani. The hospital is providing excellent facilities of eye care and maternity care in the region. The hospital offers various services such as vaccination, family planning education, counseling etc. The hospital accommodates 25 beds with diagnostics and therapeutic facilities for the patients. It is a great option available as eye and women care in the region. Dhir Hospital is a massive construction of […]

Bhishma Hospital Bhiwani

Bhisham Hospital Bhiwani is the great source of healthcare centre of Bhiwani in Haryana. The hospital is well set and established for supplying basic and high standard medical and surgical help to numerous of patients in the country. This hospital is a perfect place which serves not only upper class patients but also to poor families within economical prices. The hospital was set up on 13thof April, 1947 by Dr. Bhisham chander. The hospital serves […]

Yashlok Hospital Manesar

Yashlok Medical Centre is the world-class health care centre of Delhi region in India. This health care centre is a perfect way out patient’s best care within affordable prices all throughout the year. It is a multi-specialty hospital of the region which serves thousands of patients for number of services all round the clock. The whole ambience and management of the hospital is extremely pleasing and soothing for the patients. The hospital serves middle class […]

Rockland Hospital Manesar Contact Number

Rockland Hospital, Manesar is the prominent hospital of the country. Numerous of patients come to the hospital for gaining best medical aid from all across the Northern section of India. Numbers of highlighted and focused features are well associated with Gandhi Hospital Hyderabad for numerous of patients all throughout the year. General Ward, Sharing Rooms, individual A/C and non AC Rooms, Deluxe rooms, Suites, Double room and Single room are available in the hospital as […]

Wockhardt Hospital Bhavnagar

Wockhardt Hospital, Bhavnagar is a super specialty hospital of the country. The health care centre is a prominent and massive unit of the region. It is known for its modern and grand facilities and medical treatment amongst thousands of patients all crossways India. Team of expert doctors, nurses and other supporting staff are the key components for Wockhardt Hospital, Bhavnagar. There are different departments available in the hospital with different sections for patients. It is […]

Sterling Hospital Bhavnagar Contact Number

Sterling Hospitals is a huge hospital of Bhavnagar city in Gujarat state. The health care centre is having its branches in many other important cities of India. One can take first class and best cared services from Sterling Hospital, Bhavnagar within economical prices. The hospital is a great option for the numerous of patients coming from all across the country for taking excellent medical and surgical aid all around the year. The hospital serves approximately […]

N M Virani Wockhardt Hospital Rajkot

N M Virani Wockhardt Hospital is a renowned health care centre of Rajkot. It is one of the super specialty hospitals that offer complete care of different departments etc. The hospital serves numerous of patients from all over the country. Since its inception only, N M Virani Wockhardt Hospital has gained huge popularity and fame amongst numbers of hospitals available in the region. Diverse departments and special treatments of the hospital include Cardiology, Cardiac surgery, […]

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