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Month: April 2019

Orient Beverages Ltd

Orient Beverages Ltd was established in 1960 under the name of Orient Properties Private Limited and till the time 1970, the main aim of the company was to construct commercial complexes and business dealing in world of real estate field. In 1971, the company moved towards a public limited company and expanded its business by […]

Nirma Ltd Contact Details

Nirma Ltd was established as private limited company to manufacture and sell, soap, detergent, chemicals and other related products in the year 25th of February 1980. The company works in collaboration with consumer products and industrial sector with manufacturing plants to produce products like Edible Salt, Glycerin, Soap, Detergent, Single Super Phosphate, etc. the company […]

Modern Dairies Ltd

Modern Dairies Limited came into functioning in the year 1992.The company is engaged in the processing of different dairy Products, Butter, ghee and various milk foods. The chairman and the managing director of the company is Krishan Kumar Goyal while Prof. Satish Kapoor is the non executive Chairman. The team of directors heading the organization […]

Mihijam Vanaspati Ltd

Mihijam Vanaspati Limited Company was established in 1989.Their main job involved manufacturing of Edible Refined oils and Vanaspati. The company came into commercial production in the year 1995.The managing director of the company is Rajesh Agarwal. Amit Kumar Agarwal, Amar Kumar Agarwal and Anis Khan are the directors of the company. The competitors giving completion […]

Mawana Sugars Ltd

Mawana Sugars Ltd is dedicated in the manufacturing of chemicals, ethanol, different edible oils .The group was originated by Lala Shriram in the year 1889.The chairperson and the managing director of the company is Shriram Siddhartha and the chief executive officer is Siddhartha Shriram .R.S.bedi is the director and Naveen jain is the acting secretary. […]

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