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Oxygen CommunicationsOrdinarily, people think that offering oblation in the ceremonial fire is a yajna—fire ceremony sacrifice. But the real yajna is the breath. Oxygen is in the atmosphere, which is breathed in and out by the imperishable soul abiding in the body temple. With each breath Oxygen travels to touch the real fire, which is the soul, the real God. In the Jnana Shankalini Tantra, it says, brahmagnau huyate praanam: “The Oxygen touches the indwelling Self,” Thus, yajna is life, all the activities of life, the fire ceremony of life in man, animals, insects, plants, trees, and even in grain. It is the reason that everything is alive.

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This ceremony is the life of God. When one feels that every breath is an oblation to the fire in the fontanel for the love of God, this is the real fire ceremony. To know aum tat sat is real spirituality, the real oblation. Most economic descriptions of a firm talk about survival of the firm and enhancing shareholder value as the aim of business. This is like saying that the objective of a ship is to stay afloat. The entire crew of the ship is busy keeping it in top working condition, but no one knows where the ship is going or what cargo it is to deliver where. Adam Smith suggests that the “Invisible Hand” of market forces will guide the ship to wherever it is destined to go.


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