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Author: Aarti Patel

Aarti Patel is political editor of a leading media firm. She writes on various aspects of politics of India and around the world. Aarti also writes blogs. She grew up in Mumbai and graduated in Political Science from Mumbai University. Before joining the media house, Aarti was a school teacher of social studies.

United Electrical Industries

The company was established in the year of 1950 and successfully operating in the electrical engineering sector. The company is the pioneer energy meter manufacturing and Switch gear items. It is the ISO Certified company which only focuses on quality of the product and its performance. The Company is capable of producing Energy Meters of any specification on bulk basis maintaining quality standards of BIS, IEC etc. The Company has an effective R&D Division to […]

Tripura State Electricity Corporation

The company was formed in 1st January 2005. The company basically deals in electricity and according to Electricity Act, 2003 the company is deemed Licensee who is responsible for generation, transmission and distribution of Power in Tripura. TSECL is mandated to get its tariff and annual revenue requirement (ARR) approved by TERC. Tripura is the 2nd state in the NER to constitute a State Electricity Regulatory Commission. Since its inception, TSECL has secured last tariff […]

TDK Lambda

It is private sector organization deals in electrical & electronics. The company is having annual turnover of 0-10 crores with the employee strength of 51-100. Earlier, the technologies are not so good but then also it was providing good quality of product to match the requirements of customers. But now because of vast technologies, they are able to provide improvement in product and quality to capture more market. In today’s cut throat competition, the company […]

Surya Electro Controls

The company was established in 1990 to manufacture voltage, stabilizers, control panels, transformers etc. It increases the losses of electric motors and others associated equipments. High current of electric motor requires higher setting of overload relay, to avoid frequent tripping of motors, higher setting of overload relay has a very little safety margin against single phasing and mechanical faults. Life of electrical motors reduces considerably due to persistent over loads. The overload relay can be […]

Sumip Composites Pvt Ltd

The company is mainly known for its quality and performance. It is basically deals in fiberglass products like Cable Trays, Street Light Poles, Ladders, Trefoil clamp, Luminaries, Subox Enclosure Systems Etc. The company is promoted by manufacturing, industrial, electrical and instrumentation products and it specially designed for the use of various applications. Their entire range of products and systems are the results of continues innovation and R&D. In the world of cut throat competition, they […]

Sinic Electronics Pvt Ltd

The company is a 50 years old manufacturing company which is a ISO Certified company. The company has strong network in almost all the countries with well equipped manufacturing unit, service centers spanning metros and major cities across the country. As a knowledge-based and technology-driven organization, they take pride in their intellectual capital of highly skilled, qualified and experienced professionals with over 500 staff strength. The company is specialized in serving solutions and makes use […]

Shree Vishnu Magnetics Pvt Ltd

The company is basically deals in manufacturing products like coils and transformers for consumer electronics, computer peripherals, telecom, medical electronics, lighting and automobile sectors. The company is having offices in almost all the countries, they have hundreds of employees working with the company with unlimited number of customers who are associated with the company. The company is also take cares of their employees, clients, customers, shareholders and stake holders. It has team of experts and […]

Servomax India Ltd

It is the ISO Certified company and established in the year of 1982. It is the biggest manufacturer of power saving and power conditioning equipments with the largest satisfied customer base. The company is highly committed towards their customers and employees and always take care about their needs and requirements. Servomax has stringent procedures to highest quality products that offer value for money. With proven track record as the most trusted partner and vendor, Servomax […]

Sargodha Moulders India

Sargodha Moulders India is an Electrical & Electronics based company located in New Delhi, India. It mainly deals in Telecom, Agriculture, Construction and Packaging and providing services in CAD Designing, Delivery Service and Bulk Supplies. Sargodha Moulders India is known for its cutting edge technology and value to customer. It has its own customer support system providing servicing to its old customers. This company has turnover of 80Cr. And have about 100 Employees. Sargodha Moulders […]

RVC Commercial & Electronic Services

RVC Commercial & Electronic Services Pvt Ltd is privately owned company located in Laxmi Nagar New Delhi. The company basically deals in Electrical & Electronics. It’s a small organization having 50 employees in Delhi. It is known for it value added services and good customer support. Company turnover is about 10 Cr and supposed to increase in coming years as its customer base is increasing day by day. It is well known company in Delhi […]

Rishikesh Electromatic Pvt Ltd

It is specializes in all your needs for Textile testing equipments and machines. It is a multi product manufacturing company developed various products like Textile Testing Instruments, Stroboscope, KNITMESH Knitting Machines, KNITMESH Wire Knitting Machines, Rubber Testing Equipments, Tensile Tester, Knitted Meshes, Anemometer, and Air Tools & Dyeing Machines. The mission statement adopted by it has not only worked for centuries but continues to work today. We are pleased to announce our newly designed product […]

Protocol Solution Pvt Ltd

It was started on April 1997 in India. It began its operation in India with AUTO ID products and gradually expanding in the ever growing Retail automation market in view of offering complete solution under one roof. It is recognizing the need for the more personalized and complete Solutions to our clients, it offers the TOTAL SOLUTION in the field of Hardware/Software, Sales & Service. It deals with the entire range of Auto Id products […]

Power Build Batteries Pvt Ltd

It was established in the year 1992. We are the manufacturers of Lead Acid Batteries and apparatus. All critical components are manufactured with rigid quality measures. “POWER BUILD” the name itself indicates to “Empower”. Our customer by inexpensive products. We believe that lack of power should not be a reason of concern for anybody’s growth. This is achieved by excellent in house chemical and state of art electrical labs for raw material testing. The motto […]

Peninsula Electronics Contact Number

It does not disclose domain name or aggregate information to third parties other than vendors who assist us with our Website .They are under strict confidentiality requirements. Your right to privacy is important. We believe this information should be used only to help us provide you with better service. It use the information that you provide us for responding to your requests customizing the material presented to you based on your past visits to our […]

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