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The Surat People’s Co-Operative Bank Ltd is the “First Registered Urban Co-operative Bank” of India established in 1922. It is a modern bank operating and attending to the locals in Surat since the past 88 years to give them the assurance of being ’money-safe ‘and secure while banking with them. The services being profoundly efficient have made it achieve the status of being a scheduled bank in 1988. Mainly clustered in and around the Surat the Surat People’s Co-Operative Bank Ltd has started spreading its branches to closer areas like Vapi and Navsari. It has a vast network fully adept in providing efficient banking services with 23 computerised branches in Surat itself and 1 each in Vapi and Navsari respectively.

The Surat People’s Co-Operative Bank Customer Contact Number: (0261) 2451677, 2451665

Official Website:

Central Office & Registered office : –

Address : ‘Vasudhara Bhavan’, Timliawad,
Nanpura, Surat – 395001.
Phone No : (0261) 2464621-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29
Fax : (0261)2464592
Email Add. :

Head Office : –

Address :’Vasudhara Bhavan’, Timliawad,
Nanpura, Surat – 395001.
Phone No : (0261) 2451677, 2451665
Fax : (0261) 2451669
SMS Banking.: 98792 02918
Demat Dept. : (0261)2451671,2451866
Tele I.V.R. : (0261)2458435-436-437

Email Add. :

Not only is it the “First Registered Urban Co-operative Bank” in India but is also the amongst the first to offer Depository Participant Services in the region of South Gujarat. Some of its attractive feature includes direct connectivity to RBI server for RTGS /NEFT facility on Straight through processing facility also known as STP. As a part of normal banking the loan and deposit products are in sync with the RBI rules and regulations making it a safe haven for your money. The interest rates offer and the loan charges are more or less in sync with the rates offered by scheduled banks operating in India. The loan products are classifies into various categories for variety and assistance to the customers. It offer travel loan, personal loans, home loans, mortgage loans, housing loans, TUF loans, consumer, business, industrial , vehicles and loan against term deposits to make their customers for secure in life and otherwise. It is doing commendable work.

Accepting technology to be well integrated with modern banking services it provides many facilities like ATM machines, any branch banking, safe deposit lockers for safety of assets, depository services, VAT services, smaller services like demand drafts and pay orders. The bank desires and strives to serve all sections of the population. Thus, it also provides with general insurances and foreign exchange services catering to business houses and financial institutions. They also have an ombudsman and a grievance and complaint cell to acknowledge and solve any banking issues of their customers. It has been the recipient on the famous and popular “My Favourite Bank” Award. There is no service that a modern urban nationalised bank provides which The Surat People’s Co-Operative Bank Ltd facilities to provide from their end. The bank makes sure to keep their customers updated and abreast with the latest changes and amendments of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) be it loan interest rates, deposit product rates, exchange rates, etc. It also provides with SMS banking facilities and balance to keep you going even while you move. The staff is more than helpful and superbly efficient and promises to provide you with a good banking experience in a fast paced work environment thy operate in.

The Surat People’s Co-Operative Bank Ltd has one main central office located in Nanapura in Surat and they can be contacted at For complaints one can contact them on their website grievance page. The main office is in Bhagal, Surat. They can be contacted at different number for different reasons and queries. Their basic customer care number is (0261) 2451677, 2451665. You can contact them on and register your complaints on Any other sort of grievance can be solved on A simple bank with worthwhile and efficient facilities and staff,The Surat Peoples Cooperative Bank Ltd will makes life easy for its customers and will fail to let you or your money down.


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