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Customer Care Numbers of all Public Sector Banks in India

Shamrao Vithal Bank Contact Number

The Shamrao Vithal Co-operative Bank Limited was established on 27th December 1906. It was originated as Co-operative Credit Society on 27th December 1906. Rao Bahadur Shripad Subbarao Talmaki, the Maharshi of Co-operation, was the foremost person to establish the Bank. It was founded in order to provide economic stability to people. It was done to promote the monetary status. The basic intention is to promote economic, ethical and substance well-being of the society, the Bank […]

Reserve Bank of India Customer Care

The Reserve Bank of India is an essential and middle axis banking establishment of the country. It is the institution which is a controlling power of financial strategy of the Indian currency. Reserve Bank of India came in to existence on 1 April 1935 at point of the British Raj in agreement with the stipulations of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. The share capital of the organization was alienated into shares of 100 […]

State Bank of India Customer Care

State Bank of India is the largest bank of the country. It has widest banking and financial services company in India by revenue, assets and market capitalization. It is a state-owned conglomerate. It owns its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It boasts of having as much as 14,119 branches, including 173 foreign offices in 37 countries across the globe. State Bank of India is also associated to associate banks and including them, it has 21,500 branches. […]

Bank of India Customer Care

Bank of India is amongst the most popular banks across the country. Bank of India was established on 7th September, 1906 by a group of well-known businessmen from Mumbai. The Bank was taken care by group of people and private ownership was existent till July 1969. It was nationalized all along with 13 other banks.It started with just one office in Mumbai. It was started with little capital of Rs.50 lakh and 50 employees. It […]

Bank of Maharashtra Customer Care

Bank of Maharashtra is the foremost bank of Maharashtra. It started operating in the country of India about 77 years. It was registered on 16th Sept 1935. It was commenced with an authorized capital of Rs 10.00 lakh and started the trade on 8th Feb 1936. The business started flourishing ever since its inception. The growth started efficiently just after the nationalization in 1969. The scrupulousness came into being effectively. Bank of Maharashtra has Internet […]

Central Bank of India Customer Care

Central Bank of India is amongst the oldest and major profit-making banks in India. It has its based in Mumbai. At present it has 4100 branches and 270 extensions counters crossways 27 Indian states and three Union Territories. Central Bank of India was established on 21 December 1911 by Sir Sorabji Pochkhanawala with Sir Pherozesha Mehta. Central Bank of India also claims to be the first commercial Indian bank completely owned and managed by Indians. […]

Corporation Bank Customer Care

There are various bank organization in the country who have had modest start but the patience and perseverance from people made it big enough. Corporation Bank too has similar kind of story and today, it is an established name amongst the popular banks across the country.Corporation bank was started 107 years ago. It was started in 1906, with an initial investment of Rs.5000. Today Corporation Bank has registered Rs. 2,36,611 Crore mark in business. It […]

State Bank of Indore Contact Number

State Bank of Indore is renowned bank in India. Especially under the Malwa region, it was known for its Indore Bank. It was started under the highness Maharaja Tukojirao Holker-III, the then ruler of this region. Earlier it was known as the Bank of Indore Ltd and from 1st January 1960, it was renamed as State Bank of Indore. State Bank of Indore got hold of business of The Bank of Dewas Ltd. in 1962 […]

State Bank of Mauritius Contact Number

The government of Mauritius recognized State Bank of Mauritius in the year 1973 under the name of State Commercial Bank. In 1994, State Bank of Mauritius opened its first overseas branch in Mumbai, India. Later in 1995, this bank was listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. Further in 1997 the South African bank Nedcor acquired 20.1% of SBM’s voting equity. That same year SBM opened its second branch in India in Chennai, and later […]

State Bank of Mysore Customer Care

State Bank of Mysore was recognized in the year 1913 as Bank of Mysore Ltd. It was done under the jurisdiction of govt. of Mysore. A banking committee was established by great engineer- statesman, Late Dr. Sir. M. Visvesvaraya. Way back in 1960, State Bank of Mysore became an associate of state bank of India. Still it carries, 92.33% of shares. The Bank’s shares are listed in Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai stock exchanges. At present, […]

State Bank of Patiala Customer Care

State Bank of Patiala came into being in the year 1917. It was established by Late His Highness Bhupinder Singh, Maharaja of the then Patiala state. It started with one branch by the name of ‘Chowk Fort, Patiala’. It was basically set up to develop growth of agriculture, trade and industry. The foundation, range and execution of the Bank all underwent a big change with the arrangement of the Patiala and east Punjab States Union […]

State Bank of Saurashtra Customer Care

State Bank of Saurashtra is a government bank. Four years ago in 2008, it was merged with State bank of India. It is amongst seven associate banks of India. It had 423 branches spread out across 15 states and Union Territory of Daman and Diu. Now as part of State Bank of India, it is serving to customers. State Bank of India is the largest bank of the country. It has widest banking and financial […]

Lakshmi Vilas Bank Customer Care

The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd was recognized in 1926, this earliest bank was set up in Karur in Tamil Nadu. With the vision and mission of founder and leader of Shri V.S.N. Ramalinga Chettiar, Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd was shaped in structure. The financial assistance was chiefly originated to provide the monetary gains and managing funds of diverse customer sections. The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd was introduced on November 03, 1926 beneath the Indian Companies […]

Oriental Bank of Commerce Customer Care

Oriental Bank of Commerce is a famous banking sector of India which was established in Lahore. The bank is well renowned public sector organization of the country. Oriental Bank of Commerce was initiated underneath its father founders such as, Late Shri Rai Bahadur Lala Sohan Lal, who was also positioned as the first Chairman of the Bank. After only 4 years of interval Oriental Bank of Commerce was dived at the time of partition. Bank […]

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