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Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Contact Number

The working of Gujarat Municipal Corporation is spread across four major and prominent cities of Gujarat. As Gujarat is a place, which is full of cultural heritage, it is the duty and responsibility of the Gujarat Municipal Corporation to maintain all the heritage of Gujarat. Starting from all the civic amenities, Gujarat Municipal Corporation is […]

Municipal Corporation Gurgaon Phone Number

The Municipal Corporation Gurgaon was coined in the year 1994. Since its incorporation, various amendments have been done in the act so that the working of Municipal Corporation Gurgaon is done in a smooth manner. The motto of Haryana Municipal Corporation is to incorporate the laws that would be feasible for the development of Haryana. […]

Municipal Corporation Shimla Contact Number

Himachal Pradesh Municipal Corporation is one of the oldest municipal corporations in India. Working from the past one hundred and forty five years, Himachal Pradesh Municipal Corporation has suffered many consequences, but still has managed to work towards the betterment of Himachal. The Himachal Pradesh Municipal Corporation looks after all the cities of Himachal, as […]

Jammu and Kashmir Municipal Corporation Contact Number

Jammu and Kashmir Municipal Corporation was coined in the year 1893. Jammu and Kashmir being one of the largest tourist destinations in India, Jammu and Kashmir Municipal Corporation plays a crucial role in the betterment of the city. Jammu and Kashmir Municipal Corporation does not just looks after the civic requirements of Jammu and Kashmir, […]

Jharkhand Municipal Corporation

Jharkhand Municipal Corporation is known for carrying out a wide assortment of services to the people of Jharkhand. The municipal commissioner of Jharkhand is even taking the initiative of informing the citizens of Jharkhand about the work related to Jharkhand Municipal Corporation and other adjoin cities that can now be performed online. Starting from maintaining […]

Karnataka Municipal Corporation

The Karnataka Municipal Corporation has eight corporations across Karnataka along with 44 municipals and 68 councils of municipals, which look after all the municipal related work in Karnataka. The Karnataka Municipal Corporation is the head of all the other municipal corporations in Karnataka and supervises the working across Karnataka. Karnataka Municipal Corporation makes all the […]

Kerala Municipal Corporation

Kerala Municipal Corporation was incorporated in the year 1971. The work of Kerala Municipal Corporation includes assessment of land, removal and disposal of garbage, maintaining civic amenities, maintenance of parks. Kerala Municipal Corporation is even involved in providing license to working firms related to different fields. The main objective of Kerala Municipal Corporation is to […]

Indore Municipal Corporation Contact Number

Madhya Pradesh Municipal Corporation has taken up loads of initiatives of informing the citizens about the do’s and don’ts related to different aspects of living. The services and facilities of Madhya Pradesh Municipal Corporation are even available online. The Madhya Pradesh Municipal Corporation is divided into different levels that work for the betterment of Madhya […]

Maharashtra Municipal Corporation

Started in the year 1882, Maharashtra Municipal Corporation has been active in maintaining the civic requirements of the State. The Maharashtra Municipal Corporation looks after the complete state and the cities associated with Maharashtra. In Asia, Maharashtra Municipal Corporation are the biggest municipal corporations. Since its incorporation, different organizations and NGOs along with non-profitable groups […]

Municipal Corporation of Jalandhar Contact Number

It was created in 1867 and is the third largest city of Punjab with a long history connected with a number of interesting episodes.It is centrally located in the present physical layout of the reorganized State. Geographically, it forms an irregular triangle, bounded by Hoshiarpur District in the North-East Kapurthala. Municipal Corporation of Jalandhar Official […]

DTC Helpline Number

Delhi Transport Corporation was founded in 1948. It is the main public transport operator of Delhi and operates Interstate Services in 6 states that is Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan. The Corporation is operating about 81 Interstate Routes. is the largest CNG-powered bus service operator in the world. DTC Official […]

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