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Get List of fmcg companies in india and their products contact addresses and phone numbers

Zydus Wellness Contact Number

Zydus wellness a well known brand in health and wellness was established in the year 1994.With Pankaj R Patel as the chairman and Elkana N Ezekiel as the Managing director of the firm. Dhaval N Soni is the company secretary and two non executive directors are Ganesh N Nayak and Sharvil P Patel. Among the Non Executive & Independent directors are H Dhanrajgir, Mukesh M Patel, B M Hegde and Indiraben J Parikh .This is […]

Weikfield Foods Pvt Ltd

Established in the year 1956 at Pune, Weikfield Products Company India Private Limited started their work of producing corn flour and custard powder. As the time passed, Weikfield Products Company India Private Limited established a base of products and satisfied the customers with the quality they offered. Today, Weikfield Products Company India Private Limited is having a network of more than ten thousand retail outlets that offers the entire product range. With augment of technology […]

Warren Tea Ltd

It was in the year 1850 that James Warren had planned to open up a tea estate through which he would be able to offer the finest quality of tea to the users. Warren Tea Ltd is a 160 years old organization that has its presence across the world for the quality of the tea, which it has been producing. The success story behind Warren Tea Ltd is the team of dedicated team players who […]

Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd

Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd are one of the finest producers of edible oil in India. Over the years, Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd has taken it as their motive to satisfy the customers with the quality of products that they are manufacturing. Across India, the edible oils manufactured by Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd are considered having the best and high quality. Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd is taking use of the finest and […]

Vijay Solvex Ltd

When one is talking about mustard oil, Vijay Solvex Ltd is the first name that is heard in the industry. Vijay Solvex Ltd is having the modern machines and technology that has helped the company to reach at a point that provides quality product. Across India, Vijay Solvex Ltd is taken as the largest manufacturing of mustard oil. With innovative team, efforts and hard work of Vijay Solvex Ltd are able to find and segregate […]

Venky’s Contact Number

Established in the year 1976, Venky’s (India) Ltd was previously known as Western Hatcheries. Since the day it was incepted, Venky’s (India) Ltd has been a known name for manufacturing broiler chicken for the market in the Northern India. With time, Venky’s (India) Ltd gained popularity and today, it is one of the renowned conglomerates in India. Today, Venky’s (India) Ltd has a wide range of products for the users, which include animal food, pellets […]

Vadilal Industries Ltd

Started in the year 1970, Vadilal Enterprises Ltd is one of the prestigious organizations, which is renowned for offering a wide range of frozen foods for the users. The range of ice cream’s that is being offered by Vadilal Enterprises Ltd is loved by every person of all age across India. Vadilal Enterprises Ltd started its operations in Ahmadabad and has become one of the biggest Indian MNC. Along with offering wide varieties of flavors […]

United Spirits Limited

United Spirits Limited is the proud holder of more than 135 brands, out of which some are the worldwide iconic brand names across the flavors. The company is motivated by the passion and enthusiasm to the most popular and worldwide leader in the field of the spirits industry. United Spirits Limited offer a fabulous range of superior spirits and their products make them the most distinguished and diversified company in this industry. The company is […]

Unique Organics Ltd

Unique Organics Limited ever since it was launched, it has always focused on offering the best quality products. The company manufacture genuine spices, which are preferred as one of the finest quality flavors. These spices are exported to the global customers at highly reasonable prices. Being an eminent spice exporter of India, the company provides and exports all types of spices that complement the microbiological and physical parameters, according to the international standards. The company […]

Umang Dairies Ltd

Umang Dairies Limited is proudly founded by the J.K. Organization, which is one of the most popular commercial corporations in India. With Umang Dairies Limited, the J.K. Organization has strongly uplifted its Dairy sector’s reputation and tumor. The company is known for collecting high quality milk via its own wide-ranging village milk collection system. UDL excels in offering a wide range of top quality milk products, including: 1.Butter 2.Butter milk 3.Dairy creamers 4.Skimmed powder of […]

Terai Tea Company Ltd

Terai Tea Company Limited was set up in the year 1973 and it is the flagship organization of the Terai Industries. At present, the company is the proud owner of 5 bought-leaf firms and 7 tea gardens that possesses a combined capacity(per year) to produce made tea of about fifteen million kgs. The popular brand name launched by the company are: 1.Terai King 2.Terai Rungneet 3.Terai Queen 4.Terai Monarch 5.Terai snow view 6.Terai Maharaja This […]

Temptation Foods Ltd

Temptation Foods Limited is a leading player. It is one of the biggest organized and prepared sector company in the Indian Industry of Food Processing. This enterprise is engaged in the IQF or processing of vegetable and fruits with the use of most recent processes and technology. It process a wide range of eatables in India and even excels in exporting the same to many leading brands in country like Europe, USA, United Kingdom, etc. […]

Tata Tea Limited

Tata Tea Limited is a legend of offering highest varieties of teas in India and an extremely popular company, globally. The company produces the most admirable tea and billions of cups of Tata Tea products are drunk in all parts of the world, every day. Tata Tea is a global beverage company that was incorporated with a vision to produce and export the best quality tea, world widely. And today, the company has surpassed its […]

Tata Coffee Contact Number

Tata Coffee Limited is undoubtedly the biggestcohesive coffee estate enterprise. The Tata Coffee limited excels in almost each and every aspect of coffee making procedures, along with different organizational activities spanning from growing to the curing of tea and coffee and from producing to the marketing of high value-added tea or coffee products. The Tata Company grows and plants coffee on their own lands or estates. The company processes the coffee beans and it is […]

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