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Pioneer Agro Extracts Ltd

pioneer-agro-industries-limPioneer Agro Extracts Ltd is company of India basically engaged in the production of edible oils and vanaspati. The product consists of refined oil, vanaspati, acid oil and fatty acid. It was established in 1993. The company lives the motto of use natural resources to satisfy the needs of mankind. It effectively produces hydrogenated vegetables as well as refined oils –an important ingredient for cooking. The company produces quality products and for this purpose, it has deigned the plants with great sophistication. The company doesn’t compromises with the standards of the product prescribed in the different acts of the Government. It also satisfies international quality standards too.

Pioneer Agro Extracts Ltd Official Website :

Pioneer Agro Extracts Ltd Contact Number :
Phone Number : 0186-2245352 0186-2245353

Pioneer Agro Extracts Ltd Office Contact Details :
Chhoti Nehar,
Tel: 0186-2245352 0186-2245353
Fax: 0186-2245351

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