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Prime Industries Ltd

Prime Industries Ltd was established in October, 1992 under the name Prime Proteins. In the year 1995, the company got its present name. Prime Industries Ltd manufactures and market vanaspati with a capacity of 50tpd. The company also commenced the production of bakery quality vanaspati. The product was a great success in Delhi. The oxygen plant of the company began production in 1995. The company aims to establish a dewaxing unit. It has set up its goal to diversify its actions and install a comprehensive textile complex. It even has gained the letter of intent to produce and bottle down Indian made foreign liquor.

Prime Industries Ltd Contact Number :
Phone Number : 1634-25095 1634-24163

Prime Industries Ltd Contact Details :
Village Gobindgarh,
Malout Road,
Tel: 1634-25095 1634-24163
Fax: 1634-24265

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