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Riverdale Foods Ltd

Riverdale Foods Limited was incorporated on 14th February in the year 1990.It was named as Riverview Farms Private Limited in order to carry out business in poultry farming as well as breeding. On April 18th 1994 the name was changed to Riverdale foods private limited. Gulam harianawalla is the managing director of the firm while Asif Harianawalla, Raja Karnam, Keshav rao, Vivek Gupta and Densil Quadros are the directors of the firm. Due to the recession factor the company was unable to take poultry farming project for a longer period of time and so the concentration was shifted on broiler breeding.

Riverdale Foods Ltd Contact Number :
Phone Number : 0211-4222620 0211-4222720

Riverdale Foods Ltd Contact Details :
Village Somatne,
Pune District
Tel: 0211-4222620 0211-4222720
Fax: 0211-4222820

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