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Tata Tea Limited

Tata Global BeveragesTata Tea Limited is a legend of offering highest varieties of teas in India and an extremely popular company, globally. The company produces the most admirable tea and billions of cups of Tata Tea products are drunk in all parts of the world, every day. Tata Tea is a global beverage company that was incorporated with a vision to produce and export the best quality tea, world widely. And today, the company has surpassed its vision and is all set to mark up new aims. The popular brands that run under this company are:

1.Tata tea
2.Himalayan water
4.Good earth

Tata Tea Limited Official Website :

Tata Tea Limited Contact Number :
Phone Number : 033-22811807

Tata Tea Limited Office Contact Details :
1, Bishop Lefroy Road,
West Bengal
Tel: 033-22811807
Fax: 033-22811199

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