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Terai Tea Company Ltd

Terai Tea Group EstateTerai Tea Company Limited was set up in the year 1973 and it is the flagship organization of the Terai Industries. At present, the company is the proud owner of 5 bought-leaf firms and 7 tea gardens that possesses a combined capacity(per year) to produce made tea of about fifteen million kgs. The popular brand name launched by the company are:

1.Terai King
2.Terai Rungneet
3.Terai Queen
4.Terai Monarch
5.Terai snow view
6.Terai Maharaja

This company is under the management of abled professionals that have great experiences in every field. Hence, the company has great scope to grow more, in future.

Terai Tea Company Ltd Official Website :

Terai Tea Company Ltd Contact Number :
Regd. Office Phone Number : 91-33-4021 4412 to 44 (33 lines)
Corporate Office Phone Number : 91-353-2543 857/ 58/ 866

Terai Tea Company Ltd Regd. Office Contact Details :
10, Government Place (East)
Kolkata 700 069, West Bengal, India
Ph : 91-33-4021 4412 to 44 (33 lines)
Fax : 91-33-2248 9182
Email :

Terai Tea Company Ltd Corporate Office Contact Details :
Agarwala House
Sevoke Road, 2nd Mile
Siliguri 734 402, West Bengal, India
Ph : 91-353-2543 857/ 58/ 866
Fax : 91-353-2542 656
Email :

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