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Get List of Sugar Companies in India

Vishnu Sugar Mills Ltd

Established in the year 1932, Vishnu Sugar Mills Ltd is one of the oldest sugar mills in India. It is stated that Vishnu Sugar Mills Ltd is having the expertise in providing quality sugar to the consumers in India. Since its inception, Vishnu Sugar Mills Ltd has been working hard to provide the users with the quality of sugar that they have maintained since ages. Located in West Bengal and headed by K.K. Bajoria, Vishnu […]

Venus Sugar Ltd

For giving a sweeter side of life to people, Venus Sugar Ltd has been into existence from the past fifty years. With the dedicated farmers working in the fields, Venus Sugar Ltd has created a market reputation of offering the best quality of sugar and other subsidiary products. The working of Venus Sugar Ltd was started in the year 1991 and within few years, Venus Sugar Ltd was one of the most reputed firms across […]

Upper Ganges Sugar & Industries Ltd

The Upper Ganges Sugar and Industries Limited or popularly known as UGSIL is a famous sector of the eminent K.K. Birla Sugar industries. The UGSIL industry was set up in the year and today, it has grown as a forerunner in the Sugar Industry. It is indeed one of the ancient sugar industries launched by K.K. Birla Group and is sub divided into 3 major sugar producing units, located in the cane prosperous areas that […]

Ugar Sugar Works Ltd

Ugar Sugar Works Ltd was established in 1939. It was promote by its promoters by R V Shirgaokar and S SShirgaokar. Ugar Sugar Works Ltd manufactures sugar in the Belgaum district of Karnataka. The company has expanded its work by co-generation of power and distilleries. It has installed 45,000 litres unit to create rectified spirit. It has sold four of the wind mills located in Tamil Nadu and entered into a treaty with UV India […]

Thiru Arooran Sugars Ltd

Thiru Arooran Sugars Limited is a Tamil Nadu based company that excel in manufacturing top quality alcohol and sugar. This company was set up in the year 1954 and uses the most recent fermentation technique and run-off treatment plants for distillation processes. The machines and equipment’s are of high quality and are generally imported from high tech countries like Germany. The company specializes in offering high varieties in both alcohol as well as sugar industry. […]

Sir Shadi Lal Enterprises Ltd

Sir ShadiLal Enterprises Ltd was incorporated as a Corporate Body in 1933 with the name “The Upper Doab Sugar Mills Limited by Sir ShadiLal. The company’s name was further changed to Sir ShadiLal Enterprises Ltd in 1982. After the death of LalRajendraLal in 1985, the responsibility of the company came on LalaNarendraLal. They expanded the business and increased the manufacturing capacities of the units. At present, the company is one of the most efficient and […]

Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd

Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd was established as a private limited company in year 1936. It was transformed into a deemed public limited company in the year 1975 and further as a public limited company in the year 1989. The plant is situated in western Uttar Pradesh. The company expanded its production capacity from 5500 TCD to 8000 TCD. It is the biggest sugar producing unit in Uttar Pradesh. The major products of the company include alcohol […]

Shree Vaani Sugars & Inds Ltd

Shree Vaani Sugars &Inds. Ltd was established in the year Oct, 1984 as Shree Telugu Sugars. It got its present name in the year 1990. In 1992, the company emerge with a INR 9.15 crore public issue to finance partly the execution of a INR 30.8 crore sugar factory in Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh for the production of white crystal sugar and jaggery. The enhancement in the quality of the cane has led to better […]

SBEC Sugar Ltd

SBEC Sugar Ltd was established in the year 1991. The company began its manufacture of top quality white crystal sugar in the year 1994. The plant of the company is situated in the core of sugar cane belt of western part of Uttar Pradesh. It has a capacity of 4800 MT of crushing of sugar every day. The company makes use of cutting edge techniques to manufacture sugar. It plays a global role in the […]

Sakthi Sugars Ltd

Sakthi Sugars Ltd is in the sugar business, soya products and industrial alcohol. The company holds 3 units with crushing capacity of 2500TCD, 4000TCD and 6000TCD. It created an advanced sugar unit with 2500 TCD crushing capacity that commenced its operation in 1994-95. Other than the four sugar subsidiaries, the Sakthi Sugars Ltd has a foundry and distilleries. It has entered to technical amalgamation with George Fischer Foundry in Switzerland to offer state of the […]

Riga Sugar Company Ltd

Riga Sugar Company Ltd is the sister concern of Dhanuka group. The company was established in the year 1980.With O P Dhanuka acting both as the chairman and the managing director of the firm. The company secretary domain is taken care by S Prasad. Pankaj Tibrawalla is acting as the non executive director of the firm. The independent and non executive Directors are S K Goenka,N C Majumdra, Sarad Jha and s borar. The company […]

Rana Sugars Ltd

Rana Sugars Limited was established in the year 1992 with the collaboration of Punjab agro Corporation. The chairman of Rana sugars limited is Rana Ranjit Singh. Meanwhile Rana Inder Pratap Singh is the managing Director of the firm. The designation of company secretary is handled by Manmohan K Raina.The Panel of people holding the designation of Non Executive Directors are AS Sodhi,SAS Bajwa,and Baljit Singh .On the other hand the competitors of the organization are […]

Rajshree Sugars & Chemicals Limited

Rajshree Sugars & Chemicals Limited was formulated on December 13th at Chennai. Among the board of directors Rajshree Pathy is the Chairperson & Managing Director of the company .R.Varadarajan is the director .Besides them P Surulinarayanasami, R.C.H Reddy .G.S.V Subba Rao ,K Mohan Naidu and B.Soundarajan are the independent non-executive Directors. Among the Non –independent and non executive director the designation is owned by G.R.karthikeyan and Aditya Krishna Pathy. The company basically deals in the […]

Prudential Sugar Corpn Ltd

Prudential Sugar Corpn. Ltd was established in the year 1990 under the name of Sugantham Sugar as a public limited company. The company was a portion of Prudential Group of Companies. It is basically engaged in the production of white crystal sugar. The company got its present name in 1993. The company has a comprehensive production unit at Chittoor in AP with a capacity of 2500TCD. They also facilitate power co-generation. The company aims to […]

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