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Kashipur Sugar Mills Ltd

One of the leading sugar manufacturers in India, Dhampur Sugar Mills owns the Kashipur Sugar Mills Ltd. Located in Uttranchal, it was acquired in the year 1992. It is even said that, Kashipur Sugar Mills Ltd is one of the oldest sugar-manufacturing units in India, which is having the highest capacity of producing sugar in India. After the takeover of Kashipur Sugar Mills Ltd by DSM, the capacity was increased to 6250 TCD that was previously just 2500 TCD. In the year 2008, Kashipur Sugar Mills Ltd under the guidance of DSM recorded a profit of 72.71 Crores.

Kashipur Sugar Mills Ltd Contact Details :
13, Civil Lines, ,
Uttar Pradesh; 244502

Originally posted 2013-10-04 11:54:50.

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