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Shree Vaani Sugars & Inds Ltd

Shree Vaani Sugars &Inds. Ltd was established in the year Oct, 1984 as Shree Telugu Sugars. It got its present name in the year 1990. In 1992, the company emerge with a INR 9.15 crore public issue to finance partly the execution of a INR 30.8 crore sugar factory in Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh for the production of white crystal sugar and jaggery. The enhancement in the quality of the cane has led to better quality of sugar. Shree Vaani Sugars &Inds Ltd is working on Barley and Sugar Research Project according to the guidelines of Research and Development Department of the M/s United Breweries Limited.

Shree Vaani Sugars & Inds Ltd Contact Number :
Phone Number : 08581-253198 08581-250558

Shree Vaani Sugars & Inds Ltd Contact Details :
Sugalimitta (Post),Punganur
Chittoor District
Andhra Pradesh
Tel: 08581-253198 08581-250558
Fax: 08581-253198

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