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Ugar Sugar Works Ltd

Ugar SugarUgar Sugar Works Ltd was established in 1939. It was promote by its promoters by R V Shirgaokar and S SShirgaokar. Ugar Sugar Works Ltd manufactures sugar in the Belgaum district of Karnataka. The company has expanded its work by co-generation of power and distilleries. It has installed 45,000 litres unit to create rectified spirit. It has sold four of the wind mills located in Tamil Nadu and entered into a treaty with UV India for bottling their products in the distillery of the company. To offer consultancy facilities to sugar companies, it has a set up a company under the name of Ugar Power Generation and Consultancy Services Ltd.

Ugar Sugar Works Ltd Official Website :

Ugar Sugar Works Ltd Contact Number :
Phone Number : 0233-2623716 0233-2623717

Ugar Sugar Works Ltd Office Contact Details :
Tel: 0233-2623716 0233-2623717
Fax: 0233-2623617

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