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Get List of Textiles Companies in India

Sybly Industries Ltd

Sybly Industries Limited is an extremely profound company i.e. enrolled in producing polyester yarns along with mercerised Cotton yarn products. The company is a leading textile industry and excels in producing high quality synthetic yarns from the cotton yarns, since 1999. Today, the enterprise is very popular not only in Indian textile market but also in the global souks. The wide ranges of products offered by the company include: 1. Single yarn 2. Dyed polyester […]

Swasti Vinayaka Synthetics Ltd

Swasti Vinayaka Synthetics Limited was initially set up as a private company in 1981. Earlier the company use to tackle the marketing of sarees, suiting, fabrics, dress material and shirting. Today, it is one of the leading companies that are engaged in trading and manufacturing of high quality garments. At present, the company has grown to establish its own eminent brand name i.e. “Vinayaka”. The company offers a wide range of high quality products, such […]

Sutlej Textiles Contact Details

Sutlej Textile and Industries Limited is a proud and well respected member of the KK Birla Association. This certified company was established in 2005 to offer a multi range of decent quality textile products at highly competitive prices. The company excel at all level of production in the textile world. The versatile company executes activities like spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing and finishing of garments. It is one of most important textile company that produces everything, […]

Suryavanshi Spinning Mills Ltd

Suryavanshi (SVSM) was set up by Mr B.N. Agarwal in 1978, with an aim of providing high quality spinning services. Today, it manufactures everything from yarns to complete and readymade apparels. The company not only excels in satisfying the domestic market, but it is also very popular in international souks. The products of the company are exported to many foreign countries such as US, Europe , China, Japan ,Korea , Hong Kong, Vietnam , Bangladesh […]

Suryalata Spinning Mills Ltd

Suryalata Spinning Mills Limited is a certified corporation, which is administrated by team highly knowledgeable experts. The main motto of the company is to offer top class quality products at reasonable rates to meet the needs and preferences local as well as international markets. The company believes in maintain strong and long term relations with its is a well-established firm in the export market ad offers a broad variety of products that ranges from […]

Suryaamba Spinning Mills Ltd

Suryaamba spinning mill excels in developing competitive products by employing most recent technologies and decent quality material, globally. The company enjoys high share rating in the market, as it offer quality products at highly competitive prices. The company is best in manufacturing synthetic ring shaped spun yarns used for embroidery, knitting and weaving purposes. It produces the following products: 1. 100 per cent original ring shaped polyester spun yarn 2. Viscose blended polyester yarn 3. […]

Surat Textile Mills Ltd

Surat Textile Mills enrolled in producing and selling the polyester yarns, sun yarns and synthetic chips. The Company different units of manufacturing, sited at: – 1) Village Vareli 2) Village Khadoli in Silvassa. 3) Village Jolwa in Surat. Surat Textile Mills Ltd Official Website :

Supreme Tex Mart Ltd

Supreme Tex Mart Limited is a top class textile firm that offers a broad variety of products for the international textile market. It offers excellent quality and high standard product and services. The commodities and services that the company offers, include: 1. Yarns ( all types) 2. Dyeing 3. Fabrics 4. Garments The company has always been well known for providing superior quality merchandise. It makes effort to render standard customer services to all its […]

Supertex Industries Ltd

Supertex Industries Ltd., an Indian company that manufactures and sells yarns. The products of the company include twisted and textured polyester, synthetic yarns, which draw the warped filaments of polyester yarns, and beams of filament yarns. The headquarter of the company is located in Mumbai, India. It is a well established Indian-based textile enterprise that excels in manufacturing of aprons and cots for all types of textile spinning factories. The company is best at producing: […]

Super Syncotex India Ltd

Super Syncotex Ltd is a leading manufacturing company in India. It offers a wide list 100% guaranteed products. The lists of its merchandises are as follow: 1. Yellow duster- Developed with the use of 100 per cent cotton beguiles of different weight and sizes, keeping the requirement and preferences of customers in mind. 2. Silver Jewels 3. Precious jewelry made up of semi-precious stones 4. knitted fabrics 5. well-designed woven fabrics 6. yarn ( synthetic […]

Shamken Spinners Ltd

Incorporated in the year 1990 SSL or Shamken spinners ltd is a joint venture promoted and managed by the company shmaken multifab ltd, the other companies of the venture include Shamken Multifab and Shamken Cotsyn. SSL or the Shamken spinners’ ltd specializes in the manufacturing of yarns and threads for fabrics of different types. The most famous fabric of this organization is the cotton yarn that was popular in the 30s and 40s. The company […]

Shamken Cotsyn Ltd

SCL was legally established in the year 1987 on March 18th, previously known as textile processing company.The units of a company located in Noida,UP and kossikalan.HB Chaturvedi as chairperson with Amit Chaturvedi,AmreshJha,and KP Sexena as MD Director together runs the unit and their register office is located at Delhi-Mathura highway. The main objective of a company is manufacture printed garments, ready-made apparel and finished fabrics. The products are made up top quality raw material. Today, […]

SEL Manufacturing Company Ltd

SEL was legally established in the year 2000by R.S. Saluja group of Companies. Since 35 years R S Group has been manufacturing good like garments,fabrics, yarns. It also provides in house facilities for design of garments. Today, it is one of the leading manufacturing companies in the field of textiles. It offers high quality products to meet the needs of domestic and export market. SEL Manufacturing Company Ltd Official Website : SEL Manufacturing Company […]

Seasons Textile Ltd

STL was popularly known as Public Limited Company and was started on 20th April in 1986. It offers wide assortment of finished fabrics and manufactured textile products. Quality at affordable rates is the main aim of the company. Period of 1992-1995 marks the establishment of the company and witnesses growth in capacity, financial assistance, performance, introduction of innovative fabrics, designs and many other things. The company offers a range for customized products to meet each […]

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