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Sybly Industries Ltd

2013-09-26_23-56_Sybly Industries LtdSybly Industries Limited is an extremely profound company i.e. enrolled in producing polyester yarns along with mercerised Cotton yarn products. The company is a leading textile industry and excels in producing high quality synthetic yarns from the cotton yarns, since 1999. Today, the enterprise is very popular not only in Indian textile market but also in the global souks. The wide ranges of products offered by the company include:
1. Single yarn
2. Dyed polyester yarns
3. Cord yarns
4. Viscos- polyester as well as synthetic yarns
5. Yarns from Mercerised cotton
6. Synthetic thread yarns
The company is a best source for traders, who are looking for quality products at reasonable prices.

Sybly Industries Ltd Official Website :

Sybly Industries Ltd Contact Number :
Phone Number : +91-1232-261765,261521

Sybly Industries Ltd Contact Details :
Pawan Puri, Near Canal, Muradnagar – 201206 (Uttar Pradesh, INDIA)
Phone : +91-1232-261765,261521,
Fax : +91-1232-261288
e-mail :

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