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Tezpore Tea Company Ltd

Tezpore Tea Company Limited is one of leading industries that excel in producing a wide variety of teas. The company is well known for producing top quality tea. This company was proudly set up in Calcutta with an aim of producing and cultivation high quality tea. The company own an estate of more a thousand hectares in different location at Assam. Present, the Tezpore Tea Company Limited stand out as one of the primary manufactures of best quality tea in Kolkata. Since, the company is under the management of a number of eminent and knowledgeable chief executive officers and board of directors, so it has further more chances to grow and flourish.

Tezpore Tea Company Ltd Contact Number :
Phone Number : 033-22871643 033-22871841

Tezpore Tea Company Ltd Office Contact Details :
“Dhunseri House”
2nd Floor,4A, Woodburn Park
West Bengal
Tel: 033-22871643 033-22871841
Fax: 033-22878350

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