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Prismatic Engineering Pvt Ltd

It was commenced operations in 1994.It has always grown at 25~40% annually ever since. A reputation for excellent product design, quality and reliability, it set up an additional manufacturing facility. It manufactures ferrite core based Switching Power transformers, Common Mode and Differential Mode input filter chokes in various geometries and rod/drum core based DC output chokes. The lamination core range includes step down transformers, Buck/Boost Transformers for Linear Power Supplies, Voltage Stabilizers, Inverters, etc.

Prismatic Engineering Pvt Ltd Official Website :

Prismatic Engineering Pvt Ltd Contact Number :
Phone Number : +91 80 27826274 to 76 Extn: 33, 28 or 35

Prismatic Engineering Pvt Ltd Contact Details :
Prismatic Engineering Pvt Ltd.
Plot No 308,
Link Road,
Jigani Industrial Area,
Bangalore 560 105.
Tel : +91 80 27826274 to 76 Extn: 33, 28 or 35
Fax: +91 80 27826278
Email :

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