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Shivalic Power Control Pvt Ltd

Shivalic Power ControlIt is the ISO Certified company and one of the leading manufacturer of Custom Built Low tension Switcgear Boards and Power Distribution Boards. The company is basically focuses on complete customer satisfaction by providing them quality of products so that they can purchase same product again and again and become used to of it. It mainly focuses on timely delivery of quality products and services and continual improvement in quality system based on customer feedback. It has good number of employees working with the company with unlimited number of customers who are associated with the company.

Shivalic Power Control Pvt Ltd Official Website :

Shivalic Power Control Pvt Ltd Contact Number :
Phone Number : (129) 4109168/69

Shivalic Power Control Pvt Ltd Contact Details :
B.P.1st Floor
N.I.T Faridabad : 121001
Haryana ,India
Phone Number : (129) 4109168/69
Email Id:

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