Wago & Controls India Ltd

June 15, 2020 | Author: | Posted in Electronics

The company was founded in 1951 with different thoughts to find an alternative to the normal screw-type connection in the connecting technology field. By this, the company was able to do some innovative and different. This can only be done with the help of new technologies which a company is using to manufacture their product. Many people have contributed to the WAGO success story through their commitment and dedication. All of them believed in the potential of the company and were receptive for new ideas and processes and advanced these ideas with a sincere and passionate effort.

Wago & Controls India Ltd Contact Number :
Phone Number : (120) 2580409

Wago & Controls India Ltd Contact Details :
C-27 Sec-58
Distt Gautam Budh
Noida : 201301
Uttar Pradesh ,India
Phone Number : (120) 2580409


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