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Ikab Securities & Investment Ltd

Ikab Securities & Investment (ISIL) was established under the Companies Act, 1956, on January 17, 1991, at Bombay under the name of Kankani Textile Industries.The company is focused on increasing its institutional brokerage business by providing a wide range of investment activities. It constantly explores its existing operations and opportunities. The company is engaged in providing stock broking services. The Chairperson is Indra Kumar Bagri. With the developments and growth of the technologies, the company is all here to grow better. Ikab Securities is surely here to create more feats.

Ikab Securities & Investment Ltd Contact Number :
Phone Number : 91-22-40463500

Ikab Securities & Investment Ltd Office Contact Details :
Raja Bahadur Compound Bldg N 5,
2nd Flr 43 Tamarind Lane Ford,
Phone : 91-22-40463500
Fax : 91-22-40463502

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