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Government of india website contact address and phone number

Goa Municipal Corporation

The Goa Municipal Corporation is divided into four levels that work for the betterment of Goa and the towns associated within. Goa Municipal Corporation is located in Panaji and provides the services of issuing certificates of birth and death, tax collection, trade tax, providing proof of residence, collection of signboards etc. Goa Municipal Corporation does an overall supervision of the state and checks the civic requirements. Goa Municipal Corporation has taken up loads of initiatives […]

Delhi Municipal Corporation Contact Number

Delhi Municipal Corporation covers nine districts in Delhi region. Other than Delhi Municipal Corporation, two more municipal corporations work in Delhi. The major role of Delhi Municipal Corporation is to look after the civic services across Delhi. In India, Delhi Municipal Corporation is considered the largest municipal corporations. In the year 1958, under parliament act, Delhi Municipal Corporation was established and since then, Delhi Municipal Corporation has been working for the betterment of Delhi. In […]

Nagar Nigam Raipur

The Chhattisgarh Municipal Corporation works in accordance with the citizens of Chhattisgarh so that all the general requirements can be resolved with ease. Starting from maintaining the infrastructure to look after the civic requirements, Chhattisgarh Municipal Corporation is taking all the necessary steps. Chhattisgarh Municipal Corporation is taking use of the latest and innovative means of technology to make all the processing of work online. The municipal commissioner of Chhattisgarh is even taking the initiative […]

Municipal Corporation Chandigarh

Among various cities in India, Chandigarh is considered one of the most beautiful cities. Along with this, the civic facilities available at Chandigarh are even commendable. Reason behind the beautiful Chandigarh is the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation. Over the years, Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has played a crucial role in the betterment of the city. Starting from water supply to disposal of the sewage in the city, everything is handled in a smooth process by the Chandigarh […]

Patna Nagar Nigam

Bihar Municipal Corporation was established in the year 1952. First election of Bihar Municipal Corporation was held in the year 1954, but the officials joined the posts in the year 1955. The motto of Bihar Municipal Corporation is to incorporate the laws that would be feasible for the development of Bihar. The entire working of Bihar Municipal Corporation is undertaken and performed from the capital city Patna. Starting from civic activities, Bihar Municipal Corporation is […]

Guwahati Municipal Corporation

The main objective of Assam Municipal Corporation is to look after the development of Assam. In collaboration with other departments, Assam Municipal Corporation works in harmony and takes pride in shaping the structure of Assam. Assam Municipal Corporation releases funds for different projects, which runs all over Assam. Assam Municipal Corporation was incorporated in the year 1971. The work of Assam Municipal Corporation includes assessment of land, removal and disposal of garbage, maintaining civic amenities, […]

RTO AP Transport

RTO AP is the Transport Department under the provisions of section 213 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. The transport department has established for enforcement of the provisions of Andhra Pradesh Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1963 and the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. There are many regional Transport Officers in Andhra Pradesh. The department has 45 Regional Transport Offices located in district headquarters, which offer fully computerized transport. They provide the overall supervision and coordination of […]

Uttar Pradesh RTO Contact Number

RTO UP is Regional Transport Office in Uttar Pradesh. There are many regional transport offices in the state which are dealing with various transport related matters like driving licenses, registration of motor vehicles, collection of taxes / fees, grant and renewal of permits, and other regulatory and enforcement functions assigned to it under provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, and functions through its headquarters at Lucknow, and RTO & ARTO offices spread all across […]

Service Tax Contact Number

Service Tax is levied by the government on all citizens. It is one of the most important duties of all citizens. There are various constitutional & legal provisions behind levy of Service Tax in India. The constitutional validity of Service Tax is levied according to the Article 265 of the Constitution. It lays down that no tax shall be levied or collected except by the authority of law. Schedule VII divides this subject into three […]

aadhar card

Aadhaar Card is a 12-digit individual identification Card, issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India working on behalf of the Government of India. This unique number card is used to obtain benefits distributed by Central and well as state governments. Irrespective of age and gender, an Indian resident who satisfies the due verification process laid down by the UIDAI can enrol for an Aadhaar Card. Aadhaar Card Toll Free Number– 18001801947 Aadhaar Card Email […]

EPF Aizwal

Aizwal is the capital city of Mizoram and largest town in the state to come up leading center of major government offices, civil secretariat and state assembly. In addition to this, Aizwal is home to epfo office engaged in improving standards and delivery of benefits to subscribers. This further minimizes the need of visiting offices and maintains secrecy of accounts. Aizwal epfo office has set a benchmark for others and known for providing useful information […]

EPFO Raichur

Raichur is also a famous city in the state of Karnataka where the state has opened a regional provident fund office. This office allows the local resident of the city to open their respective PF accounts to make a better future. This account serves as a pension or retirement plan for the employees of Raichur. They no longer have to travel to different cities to open an account or check their status. With the office […]

EPF Office Sagar

The office providing the services of Employee Provident Firm in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh has been completely based keeping the thoughts of the EPF and the MP act of 1952 by the Indian Government. This office was mainly opened to for the extension of better well defined services to the deserving members of the Employee Provident Fund Scheme. This office in Sagar is also well supplied with all the resources that it needs in order to […]

EPF Chikmagalur

EPF Chikmagalur enables the member to get the maturity and interest to the amount through which you can ensure visible growth for the money. The employee can withdraw the amount before the retirement and within a year. The retirement should be after the completion of 54 years of the member. EPF can be of huge benefit to the employees as it enables you to build your dream house. EPF Chikmagalur Contact Number Regional PF Commissioner […]

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