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EPF Aizwal

Aizwal is the capital city of Mizoram and largest town in the state to come up leading center of major government offices, civil secretariat and state assembly. In addition to this, Aizwal is home to epfo office engaged in improving standards and delivery of benefits to subscribers. This further minimizes the need of visiting offices and maintains secrecy of accounts. Aizwal epfo office has set a benchmark for others and known for providing useful information […]

EPFO Raichur

Raichur is also a famous city in the state of Karnataka where the state has opened a regional provident fund office. This office allows the local resident of the city to open their respective PF accounts to make a better future. This account serves as a pension or retirement plan for the employees of Raichur. They no longer have to travel to different cities to open an account or check their status. With the office […]

EPF Office Sagar

The office providing the services of Employee Provident Firm in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh has been completely based keeping the thoughts of the EPF and the MP act of 1952 by the Indian Government. This office was mainly opened to for the extension of better well defined services to the deserving members of the Employee Provident Fund Scheme. This office in Sagar is also well supplied with all the resources that it needs in order to […]

EPF Chikmagalur

EPF Chikmagalur enables the member to get the maturity and interest to the amount through which you can ensure visible growth for the money. The employee can withdraw the amount before the retirement and within a year. The retirement should be after the completion of 54 years of the member. EPF can be of huge benefit to the employees as it enables you to build your dream house. EPF Chikmagalur Contact Number Regional PF Commissioner […]

EPFO Mysore Road

For every employee, EPF account is a must during his/her time of service. The provident fund account is a type of social security for employees. This helps the employees in their old age. You can claim your PF money once you have left the company or are retired. A REPF office is situated on the Mysore road to help the employees in the area. The office is located at no 570, raja Rajeshwari Nagar, Mysore […]

EPF Bellary Contact Details

Employee Provident Fund is a highly beneficial tool that can be used after the retirement of the employees. It is usually meant for the old age. It acts a saving of the employee after the retirement. EPF Bellary gives ample opportunity to members and enables to enjoy the maximum benefits: • The employee can certainly receive advances in case of any illness of the member or the family members. In this case the member is […]

EPFO Park Street Kolkata

Being a commercial and financial hub of Kolkata, the Park Street is a busy street all through the week.The employee provident fund organization of Park Street is another busy place as the location speaks for itself. It is a very well planned organization by the ministry of labour knowing the need of local residents runs an office to meet the needs of the Provident Fund beneficiaries.Since then the operation was started in Park Street. It […]

EPFO Pondicherry Address

Puduchery, formally known as Pondicherry is Union Territory that has now turned out to be a tourist destination. With number of people residing and coming to this place, government has set up many controlling bodies in the territory to look after the needs of citizens. Among government bodies operating in the city, epfo is one of them engaged in maintain provident fund and pensions accounts of subscribers. With majority of people possessing great knowledge of […]

EPFO Pune Contact Details

Pune is second largest city in Maharashtra state situated at elevation of 560 meters on Deccan Plateau. With number of industrial segments in the city, majority of people in Pune are employed, educated and settled. To facilitate monetary growth of city, Pune epfo has been managing pension, provident fund and pension account of employees. Locate close to Golibar Maidan on “Shankar Seth Road”, Pune epfo focus on computerized service for claim settlement in first phase […]

EPFO Raipur Contact Number

This place is divided into only way and main hub everything administered under the Sun. Being the policy maker city the office in it has more responsibilities than others. The office is the main hub and is governed by centering policies and the main activated office. EPFO gives pension benefits to many one is pension to member ,second is pension to family and the third is scheme certificate. The concerned person can be contacted here […]

EPF Rajkot Contact Number

This place is accounted as number three for its gentleness. The people are here surrounded with only cities and their outlook is modern in everything so they expect that work functioningAnd work attitude must be modern. This office is maintained on this very line of action . The line of action in this office is the same .EPFO keeps its rules and regulation and brings the smile on every employee ‘s face. The concerned person […]

EPF Ranchi Office Address

This city has broken all records in movements related to changes. This very city in the state is the witness of the men awakening of this era. So it will not be an exaggeration to say that the employees here will be awakened and will know the way. The designing of the process of of removing of their Redressal is forecasted. The office is also very up to date and assures that all the issues […]

EPFO Rohtak Contact Number

This place is very near to the nerve center of the state. It is very sensitive . The place is very Strategically near the capital of the country and is very important in being the lifeline of the State.The office is a natural happening because the employees are in multitudes here and they all have one thing or another in their daily affairs. The EPFO takes care of all the matters . EPFO Rohtak Sub […]

EPF Rourkela Orissa

Rourkela is industrial city of Orissa with number of people across the country coming to this place in search of employment. This place witnessed a significant rise in both employments and employees in past few years. To look after the needs of employees in the area and maintain their provident fund accounts, Rourkela epfo laid down its foundation and started its operation. Security cover by EPFO offers financial benefits in average amount through monthly accumulations […]

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