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EPFO Laxmi Nagar Phone Number

This place also holds an important place and so thus its office. The office for provident have Taken a lot of responsibilities on its shoulders. The office is an example of proper functioning application of rules and regulations. The employees are well satisfied because everything has turned into virtual formation and this office has created a new digital world as soon as the Workers enter here they just don’t have to do anything except looking the things surprised. The Grievances don not exist anymore and not everything is Hunky-dory for them. They know that Their savings are being taken care of.

EPFO Laxmi Nagar Phone Number
Contact Number : 011-22535702
Fax : 011-22535704
EPFO Laxmi Nagar Official Website:

EPFO Laxmi Nagar Sub Regional Office Contact Address
F-117-118, Main Bazar,
Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi-110092

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