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KeralaRTO Kerala is administered by the Transport Commissioner & regulated by the Government of Kerala in terms of policy formulation and its implementation. Its major roles are carrying out of the Enforcement of the Motor Vehicles Act and Rules, collection of fees and taxes and issuance of driving licences. This regional transport office collects fees, taxes, issues certificate of Fitness to Transport vehicles and updates registration of Motor Vehicles, and issues permits. The Government of Kerala regulates policy formulation and implementation of the Kerala RTO.

RTO Kerala Contact Address
Chullickal Rd,
Chullickal, Kochi,
Kerala 682005

RTO Kerala Zonal Offices Contact Details

1) Thiruvananthapuram

Zonal office, Thiruvananthapuram
Address:Transport Bhavan,
East Fort,Thiruvananthapuram.
Phone Number: 0471-2476482

2) Ernakulam

Zonal office-II, Ernakulam
Kakkanad, Ernakulam
Phone Number: 0484- 2423030

3) Thrissur
Zonal Office-I, Thrissur
0pp: Civil Station, Thrissur
Phone Number: 0487-2360450

4) Kozhikkod
Zonal office, Kozhikkod
Civil Station, Malapparamba,
Phone Number: 0495-2370985

The Kerala regional transport office also carries out road safety work. It conducts various awareness programmes and campaigns on pollution check of vehicles, speeding vehicles and interceptor vehicles, and also detects drunken drivers.

Computer connects the extensive regional transport office network of all the RTO and Unit Offices spread across the state. Each transport department office is equipped by a help-desk to answer all customers’ queries. To make transport-related services in less time consuming, the transport department introduces the system of despatch of all documents by speed post.

RTO Kerala Services are:
• Registration of vehicles
• Collection of taxes and fees
• Enforcement of the Motor Vehicles Act and Rules
• Issue driving licences
• Issue fitness certificate
• Grant of permits to vehicles

There are four zonal offices in the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department. Each is headed by a Deputy Transport Commissioner. There are 42 Sub Regional Transport offices have been established in the State.


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    Dear Sir,

    I am based in Alappuzha. In Alappuzha none of the auto rikshaw drivers put on the meter while driving. When we ask them to put on the meter, they always say that they do not have to put the meter on as they already know what the fare will be to any destination in Alappuzha. They also complaint that petrol prices have increased and the meter installed is old. And they charge a very high price calculating the to and fro distance.

    A few years back my mother was on dialysis and every week twice i had to take her to hospital for dialysis which was approx. 8 kms from my house. She could not travel in bus so we had to catch a auto rikshaw always. Every time it was a different rikshaw and they charged us Rs. 120 for going to the hospital calculating the to and fro distance and they never waited as dialysis took almost 4-5 hours to finish. Then we booked an auto permanently for her who also took Rs. 120 except sometime he adjusted with Rs. 100. We were staying in Kalath in Alappuzha that time and the hospital was in Punnapra.

    I have seen the meter charge one time from Kalath to Punnapra, which is around Rs. 55 only but the rickshaw drivers always charged Rs. 120/- Not only that some auto drivers asked for Rs. 150/- or Rs. 200/- saying that they will not get a customer while returning from there.

    My request to you is to make a rule that all auto drivers should put the meter on while carrying a customer to their destination and if they deny to put the meter on, then they should be punished badly. Because of such behaviour of the auto drivers, some people are not able to travel in auto rikshaw even in emergency situations.

    Please advise where i should complaint if an auto driver refuses to put the meter on.

    Please note that some auto drivers get angry when we ask them to put the meter on. Also they inform the other auto drivers standing there and they all together object to put the meter on always complaining about the petrol hike. We are afraid to get into an argument with them because of their such behaviour.

    If is very much unfair that despite having a meter in all the rickshaw, the auto drivers are deciding their own fare. I am sure that they should also be having a fare card with them which determines what fare should be paid for a particular distance. I have travelled in auto rickshaw in Ahmedabad and each auto rickshaw driver holds a fare card so that the customer can verify that the auto driver is not cheating. Also in the meter, if the fare is showing Rs. 35, we just have to pay Rs. 35/- to him and not Rs. 70 and more like that in Alappuzha.

    It would be grateful of you if you could help resolve this issue.

    Thanks & regards,

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