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Cochin Ayurvedic Center

The Cochin Ayurvedic is basically a producer, supplier & exporter of ayurveda based medicines and related medicinal and herbal preparations. The Cochin Ayurvedic is specialized in adapting the traditional science of ayurveda to formulating and developing medicines to combat the medical challenges of the modern world. Cochin Ayurvedic massage center is also provides typical Kerala Massage treatments and therapies’ as well. The Cochin Ayurvedic Center provides all the treatment under supervision of senior doctors and technicians. Cochin Ayurvedic Center also provides services and consultancy in foreign countries (abroad).

Cochin Ayurvedic Center Official Website :

Cochin Ayurvedic Center Contact Number :
Phone Number : 91-11-24619367, 24691123, 24525950
24 hours voice mail : 170903335 Please provide us with your feed back.

Cochin Ayurvedic Center Contact Details :
33, New Municipal Double Storey Market,
Lodhi Colony, New Delhi, 110003
E-mail: , ,
Phone Number : 91-11-24619367, 24691123, 24525950
Fax Number: 91 -11-24619367

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