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Astro Bio Systems Ltd

Astro Bio Systems Ltd is a multinational company working in a many parts of the world with offices located in different regions. The company was established in the year 1992 and is managed by the experts like Chandan Singhi, Chandhan Singhi , Gunasageran Nadeson. At present the company if offering different types of services in the INDUSTRY and is making new changes in the market strategies as per the customer requirements and market analysis. The services offered by the company are following global standards to meet the needs of customers. As a benchmark setting firm, the Astro Bio Systems Ltd offers its numerous services to customers, both individuals and corporate houses as well.

Astro Bio Systems Ltd Contact Number :
Phone Number : 033- 26604545

Astro Bio Systems Ltd Contact Details :
39, Shapre Towers,
Basement Buliding North Usman Road T Nagar,
Chennai – 600017, Tamil Nadu

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