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Brels Infotech Ltd

Brels Infotech started in the year 1985 was initially known as Appu industries Ltd. It was renamed in 19 June, 2000. Today the company has total revenue of Rs. 3.53151(in millions) and market capital value of Rs. 87.5389626 (in millions). Mr. S.K Saraogi is the present chairperson and managing director of this company. This West Bengal, India based company offers software development services in the areas of accounting, inventory control, production planning and control, CPM/PERT analysts etc. Brels Infotech also provides courses like DOS, WordStar-base and Lotus. It also packages of new courses Depending on the requirement of the company.

Brels Infotech Ltd Contact Number :
Phone Number : +91 33 22424670

Brels Infotech Ltdd Contact Details :
1/1A, Upper Wood Street,
Kolkata – 700017, West Bengal

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