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ORG Informatics Ltd

ORG Informatics Ltd is a global brand having services offered in various parts of the world with the regional offices all over the globe. It was established in year 1976 and is managed by Anmol Krishan Sekhri, B V Suryakumar, Binu Mehta. There are many types of services offered by the company and with each service; they are following the global standards to meet the highest quality possible. The high quality of services has secured the company a place among the top companies in the industry. Total revenue for the company in the previous year stayed at $7.88004 million. The customer list for the ORG Informatics Ltd includes individuals as well as corporate.

ORG Informatics Ltd Contact Number :
ORG Informatics Ltd Phone Number : 0265-2320091 0265-2320093

ORG Informatics Ltd Head Office Contact Details :
3rd Floor,
” Abhishek “,Akshar Chowk
Tel: 0265-2320091 0265-2320093
Fax: 0265-2220379

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