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Tutis Technologies Ltd

Tutis Technologies Ltd is one of the biggest ventures in the industry that are active today in the country. Working as a giant in the industry since its establishment in year 1991, the firm believes in new marketing techniques to best suit the market structure and the needs of every customer. The brilliancy and research work is clearly indicated by the success of the company in terms of annual revenue which netted $3.51754 million in the last financial year. The Tutis Technologies Ltd is a trendsetter for other businesses and the business model of the company has been highly appreciated by various global organizations.

Tutis Technologies Ltd Contact Number :
Phone Number : 022-28578240 022-28578242

Tutis Technologies Ltd Contact Details :
Unit No. 609,
6th Floor Srishti Plaza,,Off. Saki Vihar Road,
Tel: 022-28578240 022-28578242
Fax: 022-28578239

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