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Shilchar Technologies Ltd

Shilchar TechnologiesThe company was established in 1989 with the collaboration of Japanese company. It is the ISO Certified company which basically deals in transformers of different types to caters large market segment. Shilchar holds a dominant position and is recognized as a world class manufacturer of transformers and cores. The wide range of industry segments served is a proof of our versatility. The company is having large number of competitors and to stay in the market they have to deliver best quality of product, this is the only way of success, according to them.

Shilchar Technologies Ltd Official Website :

Shilchar Technologies Ltd Contact Number :
Phone Number : +91 265 268 0466 / 0566

Shilchar Technologies Ltd Contact Details :
Bil Road,
Bil- 391 410,
Dist. Vadodara, India
Phone Number : +91 265 268 0466 / 0566
Fax Number: +91 265 268 0611
Email id:

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