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Eljay Hearing Centre Purasawalkam

Eljay Hearing CenterThe Eljay hearing Centre is not only known for adjusting the appropriate hearing tools but it forms a dedicated relationship with their patients who ever visit this centre for correcting their hearing faults. Their team comprises of knowledgeable and proficient experts that very easily provide the patients with the finest hearing aids as per their requirement. At the time of correcting the hearing issues, there is no 1 particular sized hearing aids, which can be used for everyone. This hospital tries to carefully evaluate the needs of each and every patient, as different people have ears of different size and shapes.

Eljay Hearing Centre Purasawalkam Official Website :

Eljay Hearing Centre Purasawalkam Contact Number:
Phone Number: 2641 1095 ,9841429286

Eljay Hearing Centre Purasawalkam Contact Address Details:
Location Addresses
No.12, Ground Floor,
Garden Apartments, No.68,
Purasawalkam High Road,
Chennai – 600 007
Phone Number : 2641 1095

Since 1976, the hospital enjoys an astral status for modified facilities. It is one of the most considerable centres for offering solution on hearing disorders and has satisfied more than 8000 patients in all parts of the nation. The staff members are devoted to your long-lasting hearing healthiness. It offers constant testing and maintenance services to make sure that these hearing aids are continuously performing at their uppermost standards of functioning. At present, it is one of most preferred and well-known names when it comes to seeking suggestions and reliable advice on matters related hearing correction and right selection of such instruments.

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