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Nanda Eye Care Centre

Nanda Eye Care Centre DelhiOur eye is the most important sensory organ of the body. It is the window to the world. In acquiring the knowledge and invention of new advancements it plays a very important role .At Nanda Eye care center we provide latest techniques and surgeries for freedom from spectacles like micro incision, high precision cataract surgeries, Lasers and ultra sound waves,which helps in natural restoration of structural and functional integrity of eyes .

Nanda Eye Care Centre Head Office:
A-200, Sector–8, Dwarka,
New Delhi–110 075
Nanda Eye Care Centre Contact Number :+91-9811339950 / 9811079895
Nanda Eye Care Centre Website:

Dr. Nanda’s Eye Care Centre in its expansion project is opening an exclusive specialty eye hospital at Dwarka, New Delhi. So,by providing best expertise and finest equipments to needy patients The hospital provides quality eye care with in economical boundaries. Its Surgical Services are:
• Vitreo-Retina Surgeries.
• Glaucoma Surgeries.
• Squint and oculoplasty Surgeries.
• Corneal Transplant Surgeries.
• Phacoemulsification
• Customized Wave-front
• LASIK laser for removing glasses

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