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Jehangir Hospital is one of the most renowned healthcare centers that is located at Sassoon Road, Pune. Located in the heart of the city, this center is easily reached from all corners of the city as it lies at a distance of only 0.5 kilometers from the bus depot and the railway station of Pune.

Jehangir Hospital Official Website

Jehangir Hospital Contact Number:
Phone Number: 020-66811000 / 020-66819999
Call Centre Numbers: 020-66819966/65205620

Jehangir Hospital Contact Details:
Postal Address:
Jehangir Hospital 32,
Sassoon Road.
Pune – 411001
Fax : 020-26050866
E-mail :

This noble idea of starting a nursing home struck Mrs. Hirabai Jehangir and Mr. Cowasji Jehangir who then requested Dr. Eduljee H. Coyaji to provide the assistance of his knowledge. The efforts and hard-work put in by the trio led to the establishment of this hospital in 1946. The operations of the hospital were initiated with only few facilities but, later on it went to be the very first private hospital of the city. The hospital then was registered as a Public Charitable Trust in around 1953 and was governed by the pioneer Sir Cowasji Jehangir and other members of the board of trustees. The hospital progressed soon and began to expand itself with installing 60 beds and other amenities for the patients to provide better service and convenience. The hospital is embellished with a kitchen in order to provide healthy and nutritious food to the patients.

Under the able management of Sir Hirji Jehangir, who became the chairman of the board after the demise of Mrs. Hirabai Jehangir and Mr. Cowasji Jehangir, the growth and development of the hospital is never to cease.


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