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PPFAS Mutual Fund

PPFAS Mutual FundPPFAS is a leading company offering financial services to the Indian Investors. The company has built a great rapport with its high performing mutual funds in the market. PPFAS has over 20 years of experience in the financial sector in India. It offers a wide range of services including wealth and asset management. Customers can go to to find out more details on the products and services of the company. Initially the company was named as Cognito portfolio management in the year 1996. With a team of highly capable investment professionals, the company manages some of the top organizations in the country.

PPFAS Mutual Fund Contact Details
Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Ltd.
Great Western Building, 1st Floor,
130/132, Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg,
Near Lion Gate, Fort,
Mumbai – 400 001. INDIA.
PPFAS Mutual Fund Contact Number : 91 – 22 – 6140 6555
PPFAS Mutual Fund Fax Number: 91 – 22 – 2284 6553
PPFAS Mutual Fund Email Support:
PPFAS Mutual Fund Official Website:

PPFAS Mutual Fund Regd. Office Contact Details :
Regd. Office: 103, Veena Chambers,
21, Dalal Street,
Mumbai – 400 023, INDIA

PPFAS offers a highly diversified portfolio with equity, debt, hybrid and regular income funds. Cognito equity fund trades on the top 10 stocks listed in the market. 80 % money is invested in the equity market where as 10 in money making instruments. The Cognito fund is amidst one of the top performing equity funds in the market. Hybrid schemes from PPFAS includes Balanced fund which comes with a proven track record. The money is invested in top 10 stocks from top 10 sectors listed in the market. It offers high growth with dividend option to the customers.

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