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Abhas Sanskar Kendra

Abhas Sanskar KendraAbhas Sanskar Kendra is a registered public charitable trust with a focus on adivasi and slum welfare in India using both educational tools and donations.

Abhas Sanskar Kendra Official Website :

Abhas Sanskar Kendra Contact Number :
Phone Number : (022)25960907, (022)25940611, 9322004574

Abhas Sanskar Kendra Contact Details :
11, Eagle Nest
Jai Shankar Nagar
Duct Line, Tulsipada
Bhandup (W)
Mumbai – 400078
Tel: (022)25960907, (022)25940611, 9322004574

Abhas Sanskar Kendra is an organization which extends its social service in Bhandup slum areas and in Murbad- Shahpur Adivasi pockets for the upliftment of children and women of Adivasi families. The members carry out their activities with a service orientation without any salary or other expectations.They sincerely attempt to lend a helping hand and to bring about a positive change in the lives of people from these neglected sections.

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