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Adecom Network

ADECOM’s main aim is to educate women on their rights and bridge the gaps between them and city aide. Services available to them include social services and free legal aide. ADECOM assists Dalit women in reaching these agencies and advocates for them in the villages and cities. ADECOM hopes that the Indian government will construct a women’s counseling center, where women can seek confidential and professional advice in a safe and healthy environment. This would supplement the work done in education and women’s meetings. Objective of Adecom is Organizing meetings, seminars and workshops at state and local level.

Adecom Network Official Website :

Adecom Network Contact Number :
Phone Number : (413) 9443535995

Adecom Network Contact Details :
No. 91 Montorsier Street Post Box No. 233
Puducherry (Pondicherry) : 605001 Tamil Nadu ,India .
Phone Number : (413) 9443535995

Originally posted 2013-10-24 10:01:29.

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