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Ahimsaa Research Foundation

AhimsaaResearchFoundationAHIMSAA RESEARCH FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization dedicated to practice and promote Ahimsa, Non-violence and compassion. Cattle protection and their proper utilization in the agricultural activities, promoting and encouraging Organic farming for providing natural and poison-free food produce to people form the basis of the programs of the Foundation. It is Founded in 1997-1998. The income of the Foundation is exempted from tax. Foundation has extended its researches into Organic Farming and finding ways – directly or through its supported Research units. Its aim is to Conservation of God given gifts of Natural Resources.

Ahimsaa Research Foundation Official Website :

Ahimsaa Research Foundation Contact Number :
Phone Number : (44) 24662667

Ahimsaa Research Foundation Contact Details :
43 C.P.Ramaswamy Road 3rd Floor Alwarpet Abhiramapuram
Chennai : 600018 Tamil Nadu ,India .
Phone Number : (44) 24662667

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