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Ankur Kala

Ankur Kala, CalcuttaAnkur Kala was established in 1982 by Ms. Annie Joseph, a qualified social worker from Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai and a group of women artisans in Howrah, West Bengal in response to a growing need to motivate marginalised and destitute women to break free from the shackles of poverty and oppression and empower them to become economically self-reliant. She was deeply influenced and touched by Mother Teresa and Brother Roger of Taizé, France. Their mission is to work for the rehabilitation and empowerment of the marginalised and destitute, especially women and children, in West Bengal, India.

Ankur Kala Official Website :

Ankur Kala Contact Number :
Phone Number : +91 33 2287 8476

Ankur Kala Contact Details :
9A, Meher Ali Road, Kolkata 700 017
West Bengal, INDIA.
TeleFax: +91 33 2287 8476

72B, Park Street, Kolkata 700 017
West Bengal, INDIA.

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