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APINInnovation and entrepreneurship are critical drivers of social and economic development. With increasing knowledge around the world, especially in developing economies, about the need to promote modernization and Entrepreneurship, policymakers and other stakeholders increasingly view business incubation as an important tool to unleash human ingenuity, enable competitive enterprises and create sustainable jobs. Business Incubation in the Asia Pacific region continues to prosper, with a growing global profile and recognition, and to grapple with global, regional and national changes and socio economic challenges.

APIN Official Website :

APIN Contact Number :
Phone Number : (422) 4363300 4363301

APIN Contact Details :
PSG-Science & Technology Entrepreneurial Park
PSG College of Technology
Coimbatore : 641004 Tamil Nadu ,India .
Phone Number : (422) 4363300 4363301

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